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Examples of various projects I have made, to give a broader idea of my work.

Many of these are not for purchase, see notes below for more details.

- Lisa

Baby quilt, made for baby shower gift- my niece's new little girl- Oct_edited

Baby quilt, made by me for baby shower gift to my niece - Oct 2023

Cozy fleece 49er scarf

A recent version of my cozy 49er fleece scarves.


Placemats, "Zelda" material; made for a gift

Aces wild! Square tabletop

A super fun square tabletop piece for card lovers, check my Etsy site for availability.


Beautiful Hawaiian theme tabletop, made for a gift


Beautiful Hawaiian theme tabletop, reverse side


S.F. 49ers fleece scarves


Beautiful Hawaiian theme tabletop,closeup

Infinity scarves

Infinity scarves

Example of packaging- purchase from Colorjoy Creations

Example of packaging

Infinity scarf- gave as gift

Infinity scarf- gave as gift

Fleece scarf- gave as gift

Fleece scarf- gave as gift

Infinity scarf- (gave as gift)

Infinity scarf- gave as gift

Made _Bluey_ costume for my grandson Oct 2021

Made "Bluey" costume for my grandson- Oct 2021

Mask project

These are some of the masks I made and donated to the local mask project, for health care personnel Winter/ spring 2020

Garden apron

I made this colorful garden apron for my daughter, for Mother's day Spring 2020

Cute bunnies

I made these cute bunnies for my grandchildren's Easter basket (I stuffed them with some of the clippings from table runners I have made) Spring 2020

Baby quilt

Baby quilt- made in 2019 for my niece's little boy

Rocket detail

Rocket detail from quilt, 2019

Baby quilt

Baby quilt- This was made for my grandson's first birthday! (2018)

Cat themed table runner

Cat themed table runner- This was made for a gift. There is a similar runner available on my Etsy site

Shoe travel bag

I made this bag to carry sandals in my luggage on a recent trip. I'm considering making some for my Etsy site

Children's small tote/ purse

I made this for my granddaughter

Pretty dress for my granddaughter

I made this for my granddaughter.

Musical notes table runner

Musical notes table runner- This was made for a gift. I do have some materials left, please contact me if you are interested in this pattern.

Purple winged Butterflies

Purple winged butterflies- This was made for a gift

Dr. Who themed table runner

Dr. Who themed table runner- This was made for a gift

Gingerbread table runner

Gingerbread table runner- This was a gift. There may be similar runners available soon on my Etsy site, also gingerbread figures with black background

Cosmic sun table runner

Cosmic sun table runner- This was a gift. I do have some of the sun fabric left, if you are interested in this pattern please let me know.

Purple ruffly doll dress

Purple ruffly doll dress- I made this for my granddaughter's 5th birthday

Daisy cotton purse / tote

Daisy cotton purse /tote- I have made one of these and as yet have not posted on Etsy. If you are interested please contact me.

Fabric samples

(for future projects)

- Contact me if you have any questions or are interested in any of these patterns.

Fabric sample

Red with gold outlined Chrysanthemums (100% cotton)

Fabric sample

Blue and green floral with birds and coordinating fabrics (100% cotton)

Fabric sample

Black with red, green and orange peppers, coordinating fabrics of green and orange (100% cotton)

Fabric sample

Multicolored floral fabric and blue for borders (100% cotton)

Fabric sample

Bears fishing in a stream(100 % cotton fabric)

Fabric sample

Coordinating Christmas fabrics (100% cotton)

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