This page is to display my current projects, which are "in the works" -not quite yet completed or newly finished.  As they are completed they will be available on my Etsy site  (some items mentioned on this page may be available now)

If you see something you would like to ask about, or perhaps you are interested to purchase when it's available- please contact me.

I have exciting news for 2021! 

I have retired from my day job (after 45 years of service!).  I thought I would have lots more time to devote to Colorjoy Creations and new products, but so far I have been very busy with travel, grandchildren, etc.

I did make some new outdoor placemats out of the beautiful and colorful flamingo fabric as shown below, they are up on my Etsy site.

I am plotting my next move as to what I will devote some time to make; I should have updates later this year (early fall?).

Check back for new items throughout the year, and if you have any requests or questions please feel free to e-mail me at