This page is to display my current projects, which are "in the works" -not quite yet completed or newly finished.  As they are completed they will be available on my Etsy site  (some items mentioned on this page may be available now)

If you see something you would like to ask about, or perhaps you are interested to purchase when it's available- please contact me.

*** See my Home page- I will be selling some products in person

at the Holiday Market in San Carlos on 12/4/21 **

** UPDATE**  - Winter 2021

I am now starting a new collaboration with a local business, Birder's Garden in San Carlos- to sell some table runners. I plan to continue the collaboration until at least the end of 2021; as time allows I will be starting some new table runners to add to both my Etsy site as well as at Birder's Garden.  See my Home page for more info.

I am also signed up to participate in a Holiday Market on Dec. 4 at the Devil's Canyon Brewing in San Carlos. 

I'll be there selling scarves (including my NEW- infinity scarves), table runners, aprons and possibly more. 

   - See my home page for more info.

Check back for new items throughout the year, and if you have any requests or questions please feel free to e-mail me at