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About Me

I've been sewing for well over 50 years, starting at about 8 years old with very simple items.  Over the years I have sewn a myriad of various projects; many different clothing items, quilts, numerous and varied crafts and of course table runners.  I have also taken sewing classes at the community college fashion department to expand my knowledge and experience.

I love the challenge of finding beautiful fabrics that coordinate together and accent each other, designing the pattern and style, sewing the project and seeing the final result.

All of my items are limited editions.  I work in small batches, when time allows me to devote to a quality product.

In time I hope to keep adding to my collection and have some new types of items for sale.  I have lots of ideas!  Go to my etsy site to see what is available.

I welcome any input and feedback, I strive to make beautiful quality products that are unique and last for years of enjoyment.

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