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Colorful, unique table linens and more

               ** PRICE REDUCTIONS**    

         I was at an in-person sales event               on December 2, 2022; it was so nice

to meet such great people!

      Now that I have adjusted my Colorjoy         Creations Etsy site from product sales,

 I have reduced the prices on a number of    items - go to my Etsy site to check it out.


At Colorjoy Creations, I am dedicated to making beautiful table linens that you can enjoy for many years to come!  Whether it's for a special occasion, holiday or just for every day, your table will be welcoming, colorful and attractive.

In addition to ready-made, you can now order a custom-sized table runner in several fabrics.

In addition, I have other products for sale; easy-care placemats made of outdoor fabric, cozy fleece scarves, beautiful Infinity scarves and kitchen aprons.

See my Etsy site for more details. 

My products can be found at - there are a variety of table linens and other items available for purchase. 

        Here is a link to my Etsy site.


 There are now Infinity scarves available on my Etsy site! 

There are 4 categories of postings- "Elegant", "Knit", "Breezy" and "Polyester"; with many colors/ fabrics available for purchase.

-- More products are in the works and will be added to my Etsy site; this website will be updated periodically as new items become available.


- Be sure to check the Promotions page for discounts and coupons that might be available.

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